Sunday, April 19, 2020

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Free Download

Game Description: A very beautiful and attractive game Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, which was released by the famous and powerful Electronic Arts company in 2003, if you are a fan of First-Person Shooter style games, be sure to check out the above series of games. You are very attractive and unforgettable, you are familiar with the Medal of Honor, the series of Honor Medals games that went home from the PS 1 console has continued and it can be said that all of them have been very successful and attractive in all versions. Published in the Medal of Honor is one of the highlights of the First and Second World Wars, which tells the stories and events of that time. Narrated in an exceptional and compelling way, the Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault version tells the story of World War II and the Allied invasion, in which you act as a battalion commander, and you have to carry out hard and difficult missions. Succeed successfully in the game, you will be transported to North Africa, Sicily, and finally to the mainland of Italy, where you will see exciting and fascinating stages in all three missions.
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